Preparedness Quick Tip #40: Fire Safety Tip

Preparedness Quick Tip #40: Don't use the palm of your hand to check the door in case of a fire.

If there is a fire in your location, don’t rush out an interior door. First check to make sure the door isn’t hot before leaving (to make sure there isn’t fire in the immediate area outside of that door). The tip? Check with with the back of your hand, NOT your palm. If it’s hot […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Pizza Bar


How do  you do a quick, easy, inexpensive, healthy lunch for a bunch of kids on the fly? A Pizza Bar! In our continuing series of Getting Our Kids in the Kitchen, we focus on teaching kids self-sufficiency skills by learning the virtues of preparing and cooking meals on their own. Not only will they […]

101+ Meals in a Jar Recipes

Meals in Jars are a ready way to have full meals, ready to go on your pantry shelf for quick meals, emergencies or even as Christmas gifts! Get started on building your pantry with these easy to make recipes...

Meals in Jars are a great way to put aside whole meals for your food preps. Through the canning or dry vacuuming process, you can put a meal up to help create long-term food storage. While there are all sorts of fun things you can store in a jar in the fridge or keep on […]