How to Build your Own Gravity Fed Water Filter System

The big name water filter systems are expensive, but there is a way to make one yourself for a fraction of the cost!

Water filtration systems are expensive, there's no doubt about that. I once wrote an article about a purchased filtration system that I had to put together myself, that wasn't that hard to do. It was just slick because it was in a stainless steel housing, which is great if you don't want to worry about plastics. It's also on the expensive side because of the housing. But if you're looking for a Continue Reading

Create a Morse Code Keyer Practice Rig

Wanting to learn Morse Code with the kids for your HAM license? Create your own Morse Code Key Switch Rig (Practice Oscillator) along with Mom with a PREP

We are beginning our HAM radio journey. Having had a father who has been involved for years, it would seem second hand for me, but it's not. We're not only excited about the learning experience of science, but the practical skill set we'll be learning and the additional communications we'll be gaining. We don’t see my Dad near enough. But, we got to spend  a day and a half with him earlier this Continue Reading

Unique Uses for a Vacuum Sealer

If you think your vacuum sealer is good for only freezign foods.....think again!

A vacuum sealer has been one of my favorite kitchen tools, and not necessarily because I stored food with it! My Mom bought me a Rival Seal-a-Meal about twelve years ago that has given me great service all these years, but I've recently upgraded to a Food Saver for the bigger wattage, and because I think I've worn that Seal-a-Meal out! I love my new Food Saver and wanted to share some unique ways Continue Reading

Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook – A Must Have for Every PREPared Kitchen

The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook - a must-have for every PREPared kitchen. Want to know how to dehydrate it? Read this book!

  I always spent a lot of time scouring the internet for how to dehydrate certain foods when I was first learning how to dehydrate. And even now, I find myself going to do research on those foods that aren't so easy to dehydrate. Then...this book, The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook by Tammy Gangloff, came along. And it is FULL of dehydrating recipes, techniques, tips and helps for using Continue Reading

Preparendess Quick Tip #37: Off-Grid Mixer

Mom with a PREP | Preparedness Quick Tip #37: Create an off-grid mixer . BRILLIANT!

We were watching an old episode of Good Eats this week, and this connected with me in a big way! During his "Going Dutch" episode (which is available on Netflix now), Alton was showing some ideas for power outages, and this is what he used to come up with a way to beat egg whites. This won't make beating 3X a cookie dough recipe at once or kneading bread, but it can help with smaller jobs just Continue Reading

Build a Brick Rocket Stove

Mom with a PREP - Building a Brick Rocket Stove for your backyard gives you an alterntaive cooking source just in case. This is a quick and easy project to do this weekend!

Do you need an alternative cooking source that is inexpensive, quick to put up, relatively mobile, and easy to use that is more than a small rocket stove? Today, one of my friend, Bunny Wickham, is guest posting on the blog, sharing her story of how she and her husband built a concrete brick rocket stove in one afternoon. They now have an alternative, non-permanent means of cooking at their Continue Reading

Make Emergency Preparedness Fun for Kids with Phineas and Ferb

Mom with a PREP | Make introducing your kids to emergency preparedness fun with Phineas & Ferb's Night of the Living Pharmacist.

I'm an advocate of introducing your children to emergency preparedness early. Not only by teaching them how to become self-sufficient with cleaning, cooking, etc., but in specific emergency preparedness matters. This weekend, my family and I finally got to sit down and watch one of our favorite shows for kids (shhh...we watch it when the kids aren't around, but don't tell!), Phineas & Ferb. Continue Reading

The Survival Doctor’s Emergencies Training Course – Learn to Save a Life

Do you want to learn to save a life? The Survival Doctor's Online Emergencies Training Course gives you the confidence to do just that! Gotta get signed up!

As a mom, one of my fears is what would happen if one of my kids were hurt and needed medical attention, and there was no one around to help. WAIT! There is someone. ME! I am my own first responder. And now, after taking Dr. Hubbard's class, I have the confidence of knowing that, in the case of an emergency, I can confidently assess and perform many basic first aid techniques to help keep my Continue Reading

Armor Pure Water Purification System: A Review

Mom with a PREP -- looking for a large water filter system for your family that doesn't break the budget?

One of the biggest concerns we have for our family is dealing with drinking water in the event of an emergency. We're good on water filters for the house and the fridge that do some, but what happens when water isn't available through the tap in your kitchen? What if you just want to have a healthier lifestyle and remove as much 'gunk' from your city water or well water as you possibly can? That's Continue Reading

PREParedness Quick Tip #36: Check Your Attitude

Mom with a PREP | PREParedness Quick Tip #36 - Check Your Attitude at the Door. It can save your life. #prepare4life

As another installment of the Preparedness Quit Tip series, I wanted to talk about checking your attitude. As a member of a number of preparedness groups online, I can seew how current events can get some of those new to the preparedness movement spooked and scared. Sometimes that initial warning is a great motivator to get your home ready, but too often I see panic and nervousness and poor Continue Reading

Preparedness Quick Tip #35 – Bubble Wrap

Preparedness Quick Tip #35 - Bubble Wrap your windows for added insulation in the winter.

There are all sorts of ways to insulate poorly performing windows in the winter, from insulating curtains, to plastic shrink-wrapped covers to blankets. But if you have access to large sheets of bubble wrap, use this hack to create quick and easy insulating sheets for your windows. For most windows, you'll only get an R1-R2 boost in insulating value, but that boost, added with blankets or Continue Reading

Constitution Day. Be Informed.

Constituion Day - use today to read the Constituion of the United States and be informed.

One of the most important things we can do as citizens of the United States of America is be informed of the laws of our land, not because the media or the government told us what our rights are, but because we have these rights given to us by the Founding Fathers and we should know what they actually are. If you've never taken the time to actually read the Constitution, today is a good day to do Continue Reading

Preparedness Quotes Vol. 8

Preparedness Quotes vol. 8 by Mom with a PREP

We're venturing off strict Preparedness Quotes for the time being and branching out into survival, motivational and inspirational quotes that you can use to help you develop a better mindset for your preparedness lifestyle.   “You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.” ― Edwin Louis Cole   "Your fear is 100% dependent on your for its Continue Reading

Challenge Yourself! Use Preparedness Challenges to Become More Self-Reliant

Mom with a PREP | Do you need to challenge yourself to take the next step on your preparedness journey? Check out this article for the challenges and monthly checklists to get you going!

Are you ready to begin your preparedness journey but don't know where to start? Do you find that you get sidetracked on your preparedness journey when you don't really know where to go next? How You Can Use Challenges to Help You Challenges and checklists are great ways to get yourself from step one to the 2nd floor in a hurry. They give you a measured sense of accomplishment, lay your tasks out Continue Reading

Mommy, I Have to Go Potty! Make Your Own Emergency Toilet

Mom with a PREP | 30 Days of Preparedness: Make Your Own Emergency Toilet

Welcome to Day 24 of the 30 Days to Preparedness Challenge from the Prepared Bloggers. We have talked about what we'll do when the paper eventually runs out, but what about when the toilet doesn't work anymore? Consider this: You've had a major local disaster where the water has gone out. There is no water available to your house because water mains have been broken, the city water supply has Continue Reading

PREParedness Quick Tip #34: Know Your Utilities

Mom with a PREP | PREParedness Quick Tip #34: In the event of a localized emergency, you may be requested (or need to) turn off your utilities. Make sure you know how and that you have the tools readily available to do so.

One of the things that is handy to know is how to turn off your utilities. Though most utility companies would prefer for you to go through them to do so, in the event of an emergency, you might be instructed or need to do it yourself. So be sure you know where the water, gas and electric shut-off valves are, that you know how to do it, and that you have a handy tool that is easy to grab to do it Continue Reading

I Saw It for You: How I Live Now Movie Review

A Mom with a PREP Movie Review -- How I Live Now . A seemingly teen-centric post apocalyptic movie that even the grownups might like!

Typically, movies about post-societal breakdowns are geared towards grown ups, but there have been quite a few movies coming out, lately, geared to the dystopian-loving young adult crowds. This one never made it to my radar in book form or at the theater until I saw it on Netflix not long ago. Daisy is an American teenager being sent to live with relatives in England. She's obviously NOT happy Continue Reading

PREParedness Quick Tip #33: Travel Sized Items for Emergency Kits

Mom with a PREP | PREParedness Quick Tip #33: Take advantage of the travel aisle to stock your 72 hour kit with all of your personal necessities.

When was the last time you traveled down the travel / sample size aisle of your local mega mart and wondered how you could use those things? They are always so expensive for the size they are, and seem like a waste, don't they? But wait. They are prefect for your emergency bags! When you are putting together a 72-hour kit, you're looking for three days worth of things to get you through until Continue Reading

Get Your Kids Involved: How to Create Pill Bottle Firestarters

Mom with a PREP | Get Your Kids Involved! Make Pill Bottle Firestarters this weekend! Simple and quick way to teach your kids about PREParedness!

One of the best things that you can do for your kids is to teach them to be more self-reliant and knowledgeable about their own survival at an early age. Make it a part of everything that you do and it won't seem like such a weird concept. Each week, we tackle one skill, one activity, one refresher to do during our home school time (hey, might as well take advantage of the credits, huh?) that Continue Reading

Book Review: Alpha Farm – a Prepper Chicks Novel – Where the Chicks Rule the Roost

Mom with a PREP | Alpha Farm - when the Chicks rule the roost! It's not just fiction - it's a learning experience!

  Fiction for the life after a disaster (whether you call it Post-apocalypic, Dystopian, WROL or Prepper Fiction) is dominated by men writing books that you sometimes need a technical manual to read if you aren't already trained in the military. There's not a lot given over to everyday life and times. There's also not a lot given to female characters (as you'll read me talk about here). So Continue Reading