How I Preserve Food: How to Dehydrate Ginger Root and Make Ginger Powder

How I Preseve Foods - a collaborative Round Robin of Food Preservation posts from Prepared --- How to Dehydrate Ginger Root and Make Ginger Powder by MomwithaPREP

Let's open our pantry today, shall we? Ground Ginger that so many of use in our cooking is actually a rhizome of the Ginger Plant (but we still know it as Ginger Root instead). Each "hand" is a root full of sweet, spicy flavor that enhances many Asian dishes and makes for an awesomely refreshing beverage! The problem is, as with other store bought spices and herbs, they've been created from Continue Reading

Preparedness Quick Tip #29: Have an Escape Plan

Preparedness Quick Tip #29 - Develop your own emergency escape plan from your place of work, or your place of business. Even if they have something posted nearby, you may not always be in your office or typical space when you need to exit quickly.

Does your place of business or house of worship have an emergency evacuation plan set in place? By law they have to, but they may not have done it, may not have enough posted, or may not have updated it in awhile. But don't count on them to help you be familiar with the places you spend the most time outside of your home. Take time to learn ALL the available exits from your building so that you Continue Reading

Use Pick Your Own Farms to Build Your Food Storage

Even if you don't have a fully stocked garden producing all of your food needs for the year, you can take advantage of Pick Your Own Farms to bring fresh produce into your house to preserve and build your food storage!

    We do not have a garden large enough to sustain our family for a year. We're working towards that goal, but we're not there, yet. We also cannot always rely on the grocery stores to be able to stock food year round, fresh from local farms, at prices and flavors that we like. So one of our alternatives is to use a Pick Your Own farm to gather fruits and vegetables you cannot Continue Reading

Overloaded with Blueberries? Try Some Blueberry Soda

Overloaded with blueberries and don't want to make any more jam or dehydrate them? Try making your own Blueberry Soda! YUMM this stuff is awesome!

We still have some blueberries left from a harvest two summer ago (and yes, they're STILL good in the freezer!) and I didn't want to waste them. We didn’t get to pick blueberries this year because the field we usually pick from was devastated by a spring hailstorms, and had a very short season. So while I want to hoard these, it’s best we get them used up. Typically, blueberries get used in Continue Reading

Why You Need to Take a CPR / First Aid Class to Save a Life!

In your journey to become more PREPared for whatever life throws at you, take a CPR/First Aid class to help save a life!

In my quest to accomplish the 10 First Aid Skills Every Parent Should Know (because I really do practice what I preach, doncha know!), my oldest son and I attended an American Red Cross Community First Aid/CPR class. Not only will this count towards health credits for him for high school, it is a chance for us to become better PREPared in First Aid and CPR, making ourselves better able to take Continue Reading

Get Your Kids Out Camping! 5 Great Tips to Make Camping Out Awesome!

Mom with a PREP | Don't have the money or time to take the kids camping? Throw them out in the back yard and help create more self-reliant kids!

Like everyone, our weekends are full of running errands, DIY home projects and trying to get stuff done (plus taking the occasional nap, doncha know!) Scheduling a time down to travel some place to go camping can seem useless if you're going to get there late at night, and have to leave the next evening anyway. Or, it's just a bad time and you don't have the money to spend on gas and park fees Continue Reading

Preparedness Quick Tip #28: If You Like It then You Need to Take a Picture of It – Creating a Home Inventory

Preparedness Quick Tip #28 - Take a Picture or Photo of your valueables for insurance purposes in case of a disaster or emergency in your area. Being prepared ahead of time might save you a lot of headaches later.

Preparedness isn't just about getting your survival gear, packing up your MREs and hitting the road. It's about being prepared for everyday life, regardless of what it throws at you. In the event of a local disaster or even an emergency at your own home, having a documentation of your valuables is a huge help in dealing with insurance companies later. All of them will tell you to have photos or Continue Reading

HERCulean Giveaway! Tea Candle Ovens & Water Storage System – Giveaway (Expired)


The Prepared Bloggers Network is always looking for ways to help our loyal readers be prepared for the unexpected. We are so grateful to team up with Titan Ready USA for this fabulous giveaway. We all know we need water, and we need a way to cook our meals. These units are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to being properly prepared. We will have four winners in this giveaway. I'll Continue Reading

Preparedness Items to get in the End of Summer Sales

Summer's coming to an end and stores are putting all of their summer items on clearance. What should I be stocking up on for my family's emergency supplies?

While summer isn’t even halfway over for us, in retail land, the end of the summer season is approaching. Retailers must begin clearing out the overstock of summer supplies they’ve purchased to begin making way for fall. What better way to do this than have a big clearance sale? Check out what is clearanced out in Winter and at halloween. Take advantage of the summer clearance sales happening Continue Reading

How to Dehydrate Watermelon (Watermelon Candy)

Mom with a PREP | Overloaded with the yummy goodness of watermelon this summer? Learn to make watermelon candy! (dehydrated watermelon)

Summertime is prime time for watermelon. In fact, I can't even imagine buying watermelon in the middle of winter that came from across the earth. It's just wrong. So wrong. We eat as much watermelon as we can get, not only for it's dietary contributions, but because it just tastes so darned good when it's perfectly ripe and in season (but a mealy watermelon? ICK!). We invariably end up with Continue Reading

How to Dehydrate or Freeze Raspberries

Mom with a PREP | Raspberry season is so short - save that goodness throughout the year by dehydrating or freezing. It's super easy!

If  you're like me, raspberries make you happy. They look scrumptious, taste wonderful, and store easily. Yes, you heard it here. They store easily. So don't weep over the short raspberry season we have. Embrace it, gather up the fruits, and learn to preserve that wonderful goodness for the deep dark recesses of winter when you need a little spring brightness! There are two methods of easily Continue Reading

Enter the Survival Weekly Scavenger Hunt!

Enter the Survival Weekly Scavenger Hunt @ Mom with a PREP. Win one of 3 great prize packs. Ends July 13. Get searching!

Scavenger hunts are always fun, especially when there is a chance to win one of three awesome prize packs at the end! Are you ready to start the hunt? We have teamed up with several bloggers to put together what promises to be a fun little contest. Here’s how it works. We have hidden special images on several different websites. Your job is to find them. We’ll show you what the image looks Continue Reading

34 Reasons Why Growing Your Own Food Can Save You – The Grow Your Own Food Summit

Mom with a PREP | 34 reasons why growing your own food can save you… and the world! #GrowYourOwnFoodSummit

One of our ultimate goals for self-reliance is to be able to grow our own food to help sustain our families and communities. Even if you aren't doing it from a preparedness stand-point, making your life healthier by growing your own food, contributing to the learning cycle of your children by allowing them to grow their own food and become more attuned to the cycle of life and growth, and to get Continue Reading

How to Make Green Powder – Don’t Waste Another Leaf!

Mom with a PREP | Don't let that pile of greens in your crisper drawer going bad shame you. Show them what for by dehydrating them and making this powerhouse of a powder to add more nutrition to your family meals!

Come sit down by me. I have a story to tell you. It might be scary, but I'm right here by you. You are not alone. This was my story: The crisper drawer of my refrigerator was a one way ticket to a slow, slimy, green death. I bought all the greens we needed for keeping us healthy and strong. We added them to smoothies, we put them in salads. But when I wasn't looking, the piles of green would Continue Reading

Redneck Air Conditioner and 15 More Ways to Keep Cool in the Summer

Summer's here and your air conditioning went out. How do you stay cool until it can be repaired? #redneck #staycool #prepare4life #momwithaprep

  A few years ago, during the worst heatwave we'd experienced in a couple of decades, our air conditioner suddenly stopped 'air conditioning' our home. We happen to live in a late-70's cookie cutter suburban home who didn't think that things like good airflow through a house would ever be something needed in the south because we had air conditioning in all of our houses, darn it, and Continue Reading

All American Canner & Ball Stainless Steel Water Bath Canner Giveaway

Canning package giveaway @ Ends July 7

Have you wanted to get into canning, but you just haven't had the money or the know-how to start?  Do you want to upgrade your inexpensive canning equipment to something better? Here is your chance! This amazing giveaway from some of the biggest names in the Homesteading & Preparedness blogging field got together to bring you this amazing giveaway! It ends July 7, so don't delay in Continue Reading

Try it Before You Buy It: How to Read Preparedness Books for Free

Mom with a PREP >> Have you ever picked up a book or looked at one online and thought, "Hmm...I'd sure like a chance to read it first...". There are ways to do that!!! #books #kindle #prepare

As I started building my "Preparedness Library" I was gobbling up books left and right, and finding so may were just not working for me. Many ebooks seemed to just be avenues for affliate links, and other books were just touching the minimum of what I wanted to learn or had nothing of value to offer. How to Try Out Books on Self-Reliance & Preparedness for Free Public Library This always Continue Reading

What the Heck does that Even Mean!? A Glossary of Preparedness & Homesteading Terms

Mom with a PREP | What the Heck does that Even Mean!? Terms like SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, WROL, EMP, and more get thrown around all the time, but do you know what they really mean?

  Do you know how it is to walk into a group of folks who are well versed in their speciality, and they are talking and throwing around terms and acronyms and you haven't a clue what they're talking about, but you really want to understand? That's how I felt when I first started investigating just what it meant to be prepared, and sometimes, I felt clueless because folks were talking Continue Reading

Awww NUTS! A Guide to Nuts and Their Long-Term Storage Benefits

Nuts & Seeds can be a viable option for protein & other nutrients. Learn to roast, grind, dehydrate and store them for long-term storage. // Mom with a PREP

  Proteins are one of those long-term food storage items that people worry about the most, especially if they aren't canners. How do you store enough proteins to keep your family healthy without relying on canned meats from the grocer's shelves. Nuts are a great option! However, nuts and seeds aren't great for long-term storage because of the fats and oils located inside that will go Continue Reading

Get Your Kids in the Kitchen – Pico de Gallo

Mom with a PREP | Taking advantage of your garden bounty with Pico de Gallo. You've got to give it a try-o. Even if you're from Ohi-o

If you're like me, you plant a TON of tomatoes and they always seem to overrun the kitchen during harvest time. None of us are big fans of tomatoes by themselves, but we absolutely LOVE Pico de Gallo and will eat it on everything from crackers to fish to tacos. Sometimes, mixing it with mashed avocado makes a quick and yummy guacamole. It's basically a salad made of onion, tomato, tomatillo, Continue Reading