Preparedness Quick Tip #3: Make a Mini EDC

Preparedness Quick Tip #3: Mini EDC  {Mom with a Prep Blog}

Preapreadness Quick Tip #3: Create a Mini EDC

Want to have some handy tools around with you all of the time? Get rid of the little fru-fru keychain fobs and add in some mini keychain tools. A great flashlight, a mini Swiss Army knife, a small whistle, and any other thing that you feel would benefit you, and you’ve got your own mini-EDC (everyday carry). My favorite? This small keychain nail clipper.

What do you carry on your keychain that could help you out in an emergency?


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  1. doccat5 says

    Very sensible set up. I also have a kobeta stick on my key chain. I took women’s self classes and this was one weapon highly recommended by the sensi. It’s a 5″ heavy grade plastic stick, covered with section of ridges made with the same material. it fits comfortably in your fist. Can be used to reinforce paunch, or turned lengthwise to thrust. Perfectly legal weapon to carry. I started taking self defense classes after a particularly scared encounter in a parking lotin broad daylight.

  2. SJ says

    Not a big fan of the SA knives, mostly ‘cos I carried ’em for many years. In regular daily use (5 to 20 cuts of cardboard & packing tape) the blades needed sharpening *weekly*, and I had to replace ’em every 5 years ‘cos I wore ’em out or they fell apart. I have a quality small folding pocket knife that I carry now when I need one, but it doesn’t have a key ring on it. I’ve looked high and low for something decent to replace SA knives. Still looking…
    I have an ancient Arc AAA LED flashlight that’s been on the keyring since the ’90s. It’s been all over the world with me, and down to ~140ft scuba diving. I’ll be sad when it finally keels over.
    Other than phone, keys, alarm fob and mini Bic lighter, that’s it for my EDC. Yep, I have a couple of solar chargers for the phone, Just In Case. 😉

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