• I took the white dehydrated pieces and grind them in my blender (and yes, you can add both, but I save the green stemmed pieces for use in regular cooking).
  • I can add them to my vegetable powder or my green leaf powder and add a whole new flavor profile! It’s amazing stuff.
  • I don’t have a ratio because it depends on how much I’ve dehydrated and how much vegetable powder I have, but you can play around with ratios that work for your family.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love playing with different ways to use the dehydrated products that aren’t the typical toss in a stew/soup and allow me to rehydrate. This extends the use of your green onions even further without just using them as chunks of dried vegetation. Just add them to your powders and shake to mix.

My favorite way is to use a green leaf powder with 30% green onion in my scrambled eggs. I love the flavor of eggs and onion, and this adds nutrition plus an added punch of flavor!

For even “>more dehydrating recipes, click below!

Also, if you love recipe books as I do, The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook is the best resource for dehydrating on the market!

How to dehydrate green onions (or scallions)

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