How to Make an Emergency Survival Kit for Kids at School

Kids Emergency Survival Packs for Kids at School  |  {Mom with a Prep}

One of our biggest concerns with having our kids at school, as folks focused on preparedness living, is that we won’t be there in a time of crisis to help them out. So it’s especially important to prepare our children the best that we can, above and beyond what the school is able to do for them, and what their Everyday Carry (EDC) can do.

But why would you even need a mini Emergency Kit? Don’t the schools provide enough?

  • School lock-down
  • Local Weather Emergency
  • Regional Emergency
  • You don’t show up (or whomever their ride is) or their bus is wrecked on the way home.

From our experience, schools aren’t really prepared for long-term lock downs or disasters. Rarely does a classroom kit contain enough water and food for an extended time for an entire classroom of children. So it’s prudent to help your child.

One of the ways we can do that is to create a mini-Bug Out Bag for our kids. This can be something they keep tucked away in their lockers, at the bottom of their book bag or in their desk or cubby at school. It needs to be somewhere easily accessible to them without breaking the rules of the school.

Items to Include in Your Child’s Emergency Survival Pack

  • Water
  • Protein Snack or Granola bar (or both)
  • Small flashlight
  • Whistle
  • Cell phone (this may be an issue for some schools, but we would have our kids take a throw-a-way cell in their packs, just in case).
  • Small first aid kit
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Extra health-related items your child uses (of course we have to say for the attorneys….please be sure to follow your school’s rules for medication storage and uses……. )
  • hard candies for comfort
  • Comfort item (small stuffed animal or toy to bring comfort in crisis

You can store supplies in a zip top bag, a small baby wipe box, a pencil box, or if you’re really good at packing small supplies, a large Altoid box!

Just make sure your younger children understand that this isn’t for play and that they aren’t to pull it out at snack time or recess, nor discuss with other kids that they have ‘toys’ in their packs. Please also follow the rules of your school about what can legally be brought onto campus.

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  1. Irish-7 says

    Thanks for addressing this vital subject! For security and legal reasons, kids cannot have pocket knives or lighters, like I did when I was in high school. I bought the SOL Emergency Kits for my whole family, but since there is a blade contained, my kids cannot take it to school.

  2. Melissa says

    My kids would get in trouble with almost everything on the list except hard candy! And they would eat that on the bus!!!
    Sad but true most public schools don’t want your kids to be prepared on their own for anything but schoolwork :(

  3. says

    My son(teen) refuses to bring the cell phone and other things(against the rules mom) ,,,frustrating because I see so many lockdowns and other emergencies I want him prepared

  4. says

    It is not against the rules at my daughter’s school for most of these items, thankfully. I am meeting with the school’s Safety and Security Director this Monday about some of the other concerns I have, though. I don’t think our district is prepared enough and most of the schools don’t do things the same way. No consistency. Most teachers wouldn’t know how to use an AED, for example, even though the schools have one. Substitute teachers have little training in emergency preparedness. Find out what your schools really have planned for your kids. Kinda scary.


  1. […] We especially like them for my husband’s get home bag. We purposely do not pack his bag full of what he’d need to survive on a 7 day hike. He’s less than 1.5 days from home most anywhere he goes (if he goes further, there is more stash in his emergency car kit he can add). Using a few of these pouches tucked away in his bag takes up less space than water bottles, and gives him just enough until he can find a water source in which we use his water bag and a filter system. I also keep 2 in my day pack at all times. It’s also something you can tuck into your child’s school backpack or emergency school kit. […]

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